PHD (Technology Management)

  1. Shukriwani Binti Saad (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin, Dr. Mawaddah Mohamad)
  2. Mohammed A. M. Abuharbeed (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin, Dr. Norsharina binti Zabidi)
  3. Ibrahim M. M. Alhabbash (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin, Dr. Suria Musa)
  4. Thaneshan A/L Letchumanan (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Norezam Othman)
  5. Lahcene Mokhlufi (Dr. Noorulsadiqin Azbiya Yaacob & Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin)

MASTER BY RESEARCH (Technology Management)

  1. Amuebie Chibuzor Spencer (Dr. Syairah Aimi Shahron, Dr Fadhilah Mat Yamin)
  2. Enejere Augustine Chinedu (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin, Dr. Nursyazwani Mohd. Nawi)
  3. Nur Fathiah Binti Mohd Bashri (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin)
  4. Aggilanda Easwary A/P Muruthy (Dr. Fadhilah Mat Yamin)


  1. A221: Kwek Zhi Yeu (The Mobile Shopping Acceptance Among STML Student)
  2. A221: Aisyah binti Ayob (Green Production Intention Among Undergraduate Student Using TPB Theory)
  3. A221: Tuan Abdul Azim bin Tuan Mustafa (ELearning Technology Success)
  4. A221: Nor Atiqah Binti Zulkiflee (eLearning Technology Acceptance Using Extended TAM)
  5. A221: Chong Wei Yee (Adoptions Of E-Books Among Higher Education Student During Covid 19 )
  6. A211: Abdul Hafiz Bin Ab Halim (Mardi Agro Technology Park: Aceptance of SOAL System)
  7. A211: Wong Mei Qi(Students Adaptation And Satisfaction Of Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic)
  8. A211: Shannon Lee Kar Wei (Study Of The Higher Education Sector And Customer Satisfaction Using A Service Profit Chain Model)
  9. A211: Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Aminuddin (E- Wallet Acceptance Among Undergraduate)
  10. A211: Muhammad Farid Zaini (Impact of Pandemic on Education Technology in UUM)
  11. A211: Muhammad Akhmal Bin Hassan (TAM Model To Understand Student’s Use E-Learning During Covid-19)
  12. A211: Geeta AP Vimalakesan (Users' Usage Intention Of Food Delivery Apps During Covid 19 Pandemic)
  13. A201: Intan Syahirah binti Md Khair (Students Readiness In Facing Industri Revolution 4.0 Among STML Student)
  14. A201: Mohd. Masnaim Bin Masuri(Transitioning To Online Learning: Swot Analysis In Response To Covid 19 Pandemic)
  15. A192: Muhammad Muzakkir bin Azmi (Online Game)
  16. A192: Nur Maisarah Akasha binti Mohamad Arumugam (Online Game)
  17. A192: Nur Aishah binti Alinlod (Digital parenting)
  18. A192: Ilavarasi Panivseluan (Digital Marketing)
  19. A191: Wong Yi Jing (Predictive Modeling of Autonomous Vehicle Implementation: A Study of Acceptable Adoption)
  20. A182: Wan Nor Iezatulerma Binti Wan Abdul Raza (Internet Addiction Among Youth)
  21. A182: Sivasangari A/P Muragashan (Online Document System)
  22. A182: Andrea Chin Xuan Hao (Bus Quality Service in UUM using SERVQUAL)
  23. A172: Wan Nur Hazirah Wan Hamat (UUM Student's Preparation for 4th Industrial Revolution: Challenges & Opportunities)
  24. A172: Nik Norhazimah Mohamad Zainu (Penggunaan Smartphone atau Mobile Learning Untuk Tujuan Pembelajaran)
  25. A172: Wong Ying Yee (UUM Student's Intention to Use Technology for Academic Purpose)
  26. A172: Wong Hai En (Behavior on Buying Smat Furniture to Maximize Space Usage in a House for Ensure the Life Quality of Residence)
  27. A171: Liew Siat Jan (User Acceptance on Facebook and Online Learning for Learning Purpose)
  28. A171: Tam Mei Thien (User Satisfaction on Mobile Apps Design vs. Web Desktop Design)
  29. A161: Azinda Adli (The Impact of CSR Practices on Business Performance Among SMEs in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector)
  30. A161: Nor Ainun Ahmad Baharudin (The Impact of CSR Practices on Social Sustainability Among SMEs in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector)
  31. A151: Lan Lig Cyng (Data as Corporate Resources)
  32. A142: Lim Yee Min (User Acceptance on Technology Change)
  33. A141: Normi Atikah binti Rokmi (User Knowledge on Online Storage)
  34. A141: Nurul Nabilah Amirah Binti Othman (User Satisfaction on Online Storage)
  35. A132: Nurul Aini binti Mohd Razmi (Facebook Technology as an Alternative Medium for e-Learning)
  36. A132: Rosnah binti Md Nor (End User Computing Satisfaction on LMS Technology)
  37. A131: Sasima Sisisary (Document Sharing in LMS: The Impact on Academician Satisfaction)
  38. A131: Saambavi (Document Sharing in LMS: The Impact on Student Learning Satisfaction)
  39. A131: Yong Hiong Ai (Communication in LMS: The Impact on Student Learning Satisfaction)
  40. A141: Aggilanda Easwary (Analysis of Student Behaviour in e - Learning Systems)
  41. A141: Ong Kah Loon (Communication in LMS: The Impact on Academician Satisfaction)
  42. A122: Lim Lian Seng (Survey on the Usage of UUM LearningZone and Facebook as the e-Learning Process for the UUM Students)
  43. A121: Nurul 'aqilah Binti Suhaimi (Assessment on Official Student Email Among Undergraduate Students)
  44. A121: Siti Syahida Binti Mohamad (Complementing Classroom Teaching with LMS Among Undergraduate Students)
  45. A121: Shahrina Mohd Nor (Experiences on Facebook Among Undergraduate Students)
  46. A121: Nurhidayah Ismail (Students Perception on UUM Portal)
  47. A111: Kung Siew Min (User Satisfaction on LearningZone: The Effect of Design and Use)
  48. A111: Yung Chiau Sian (Adoption Assessment of Internet Usage Amongst Final Year Students in STML)
  49. A111: Tan Ji Ting (Undergraduate Students’ Evaluation Criteria When Using Web Resources)
  50. A111: Norfidayah Zainal Arifin (Questions as a Factor in Web Search Strategy)
  51. A111: NoorAshikin Mohd Naim (Information Seeking Behaviour of Academic Researchers in STML)
  52. A101: Salamah Binti Ismail (Reason of Technology Tranfer in Manufacturing Industry)
  53. A101: Geetha A/p Murugia (The Real Purpose of Robot Automation and How it Helps Human in Edaran MODENAS Sdn. Bhd.)
  54. A101: Chan Yan Hoong (Outsourcing Maintenance: A Case Study of Garments Company in Business Process Outsourcing Decisions)
  55. A101: Siti Oriana Bte Hamzah (Implementation of New Technology into Manufacturing Organization in Malaysia: A Case Study of Nichias FGS Sdn. Bhd)
  56. A101: Chew Soon Keong (The Impact of ISO 9001:2000 Implementation in a Manufacturing Organization.)
  57. A101: Noor Zarith Sufiah Binti Jamal (Penggunaan Internet di Kalangan Mahasiswa: Kajian Ke Atas Pelajar Pengurusan Teknologi, UUM)
  58. A101: Phang Chin Siong (The Influences of Technology in Implementation of Innovation Banking)
  59. A092: Hehmah A/p Muthusami (The Criteria of Web OPAC Users in UUM)
  60. A092: Bkomalaa A/p Balaiah (An Implementation of MS ISO 9001:2000 in Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah, UUM)
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Report Supervision
  1. Session A161 Report Supervision (13 Feb - 12 August 2017)
  2. Session A162 Report Supervision (11 Sept 2017 - 0 March 2018)
  3. Session A171 Report Supervision (21 Feb - 20 August 2018)
  4. Session A181 Report Supervision (11 Feb - 10 August 2019)
  5. Session A192 Report Supervision (10 Feb - 10 August 2020)
  6. Session A151 Report Supervision Report Supervision (22 Feb. - 7 Aug. 2016)
  7. Session A131 Report Supervision (10 Feb. - 27 July 2014)
  8. Session A121 Report Supervision (4 Feb. - 21 July 2013)
  9. Session A112 Report Supervision (9 July - 23 Dec 2012)
  10. Session A111 Report Supervision (6 Feb. - 20 July 2012)
  11. Session A101/Report Supervision (20 Dec. 2010 - 19 June 2011)
  12. Session A052 (8 May – 8 Sept. 2006)
  13. Session A041(1 Nov. 2004-1 Jan. 2005)
  1. Session A111 Visiting Supervision (Selangor)
  2. Session A101 Visiting Supervision (Butterworth, Penang)